When it comes to plumbing systems for hot & cold applications, UltraTuff has set a pristine standard in quality and performance. UltraTuff is manufactured using an advance chemical formula which makes it resistant to low pH water, coastal salt air and corrosive soil providing incomparable performance for hassle free installation on the worksite. UltraTuff has numerous advantages over copper & conventional CPVC plumbing systems such as jointing with solvent-weld cement fusion, unobstructed water flow, exceptional heat retention, silent operation and an incomparable value.

Raw materials for UltraTuff plumbing systems are procured from prominent supplier ARKEMA, France. The superiority of UltraTuff is certified by an independent laboratory test result. UltraTuff cpvc surpasses both 73 degree F & 32 degree F impact resistance.

The mechanical feature of UltraTuff comes with additional chlorine molecules that reinforce the intermolecular bonds limiting the slippage of polymer chains making it superior when compared to PVC properties. Performance test of UltraTuff cpvc capitulate very affirmative water absorption results which show less than 4mg/cm (square) is absorbed after 100hrs in boiling water. Testing out over longer periods under harsh conditions, UltraTuff cpvc provides a significant pressure resistance up to 95 degree C.

UltraTuff cpvc injected and extruded forms offer equivalently exceptional resistance which is calculated using the appropriate standards. UltraTuff CPVC demonstrates remarkable behavior and outstanding resistance to most acids, alkalies and salts. However, physical properties reduce and a swelling occurs when it is used for organic solvents.

These features make UltraTuff plumbing systems as the premium choice of builders and plumbers in the market today.


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